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  • Bob Mittleman

The Right Program

I hear from many clients, student athletes on my X-Country team and running buddies: “So, what makes a good running plan or program?

If you want to run fast, then you should train fast. Get in some track work. Tempo runs are always recommended.

If you are looking to compete in a half marathon or full, you need a long run regiment planned out leading into your big day. You can’t wake up the week of your event and think you are going to do well without having done the worked needed to do so leading into race week.

You can’t leave out nutrition. To many times runners have no clue what to intake. In fact, just like there a ton of running ideas on how to train, there are equally an abundance of ideas as to what constitutes a proper food plan. Heck, the theories on this change monthly and can get your head, not to mention your stomach spinning.

In the end, there is a lot that goes into an excellent running plan/program. Most of it is preference.

However, there is one constant in everyone.

That is the right mindset.

You see, without the correct mindset you are setting yourself up for failure. And what I mean by the right mindset is having a thought process that no matter what happens during your training, during your workouts, during your journey and most of all your race….you are going to come out on top and succeed. You are going to win the battle of mind over matter. You are going to eliminate the doubts that are going to creep into your head. It’s called the winners’ mindset.

That’s what is needed more than anything else to have a great plan.

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