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I have been working with Coach Bob for 2 years now with Training Peaks.. As an older runner ( 60 years old this year ) I have accomplished more under his tutelage than I had ever thought possible.. His expertise in heart rate training has brought my fitness to new levels.. Bob s work with me in training for the 2019 Boston Marathon gave me a sub 4 finish and a memory that ll last me a lifetime.. Several trips down the Half Marathon circuit have been equally successful and if I did stumble his optimism was always there to push me and not become discouraged. I have a fairly robust schedule planned for 2020 and am looking forward to continue working with Coach Bob and making memories.

Stan K.

Scranton, PA.

The last year has been one of the most rewarding of my life. In the 11 months so far of this year, I've lost 85 pounds, cut over one and a half hours off my half marathon time, and gained a sense of pride, accomplishment, and joy that I never thought possible. Coach Bob is a huge part of that, designing my training to push my limits but also encouraging me at every step of the way. I owe him more than I can ever repay him.

Eli K.

Orlando, FL

I had been running since 2010. And when I mean running, I mean getting a bit serious, watching my pace, etc. Oh I also had an old Forerunner 305 to help me along! Before that it was the occasional run at a fairly aimless pace, distance, and time.


In 2010, after a few months' of "training," I had run a 15K which I finished at 1:37:00 or whereabouts. 


Then I got injured. And kept off running for a while. I resumed running around 2 years later and followed many running plans, including the all-time favorites like Hal Higdon, RunKeeper and the like.  Whilst I had PBs of 28:03 for the 5K, 59:48 for the 10K, and 2:19:55 for the half-marathon, all along the way, I always felt that most of the plans I had used were not really helping me. Either they were too easy and relaxed, or too hard on my body. And I was not enjoying most of it.


Even though I am not a person who goes for PBs or timings per se, my aim was and is to run and race well and comfortably, instead of making it an ordeal. My work schedule also had its constrains; I could be very busy for weeks altogether.


Then I came across TrainingPeaks from where I was referred to Coach Bob. I went through the initial exchanges of e-mails and questions, and Coach Bob would give me a schedule for the next week or two. Although many of the work-outs were familiar to me, I felt they were "tweaked" to my capabilities. A couple of the work-outs were a bit hard for me in the beginning, but I realized later that I was going too hard, and not listening to the tips Coach had given me. Once I tried to follow the work-outs per his recommendations, suddenly the same work-outs felt so much easier!


Then came race day (Half Marathon) in October 2016. The course was not flat, rolling hills, with some "interesting" inclines in between. I decided to stick to the pace I had been aiming for. Now whilst this race pace was much faster than what I thought I would be able to run, suddenly I found myself cruising at goal race pace. The miles just seemed to fly. I suddenly realized I was actually enjoying the race! And when it was done with, I hit my watch to find I had achieved a PB of 2:05:00, and boy wasn't I pleased with myself!


Thank you Coach Bob for your wonderful support - it would not have been possible without your support and wonderful tips.

John J.


Bob is an excellent coach.


He helped me to achieve my goal of running my first marathon. He always responded to my emails very quickly and kept my training plan very flexible. If anything came up he would change my workouts to fit around it.  He kept encouraging me during the hard times and kept me striving for more.


I tried my first triathlon while training for the marathon, though I was unable to complete the swim part of it, he told me to keep trying and kept encouraging me. I signed up for another sprint triathlon and he helped me to prepare for it. When the day came,  I was nervous of the swim, but I knew he would be checking for the results and my process through it which got me through the hard part to complete it.


He taught me how to properly train for a marathon and be more even paced during runs. He also taught me the value of holding back in the beginning of a race to warm up during the first few miles. I am looking forward to doing another marathon in the future with Bob.

Justin Hillman

Columbus, Ohio

After interviews with several coaches, Bob felt like the best fit for my level of training and goals. Without a doubt Bob was a great choice and here is why.


First, Bob listens. He learned my goals, then provided the coaching and helpful technics which led to success. As a CEO my schedule is busy and he was flexible with his trading plan and made adjustments as necessary. He understands what I want to do and has helped me improve my performance and be successful.


Secondly, Bob has kept me healthy. At age 59 the goal has been to improve, but stay healthy for the long run. I believe Bob's training plans have pushed me to improve without risking health issues and the problems of over training.


Last but not least, Bob has always been accessible for a call or message to answer training questions, discuss progress, and even offer encouragement before a race. It is nice to know he is only a phone call or message away.


In summary, I achieved each of my goals in 2015 and it was a great and successful year! When I started I questioned the ability of finding a quality "cyber coach"  or any online options. What I found was someone with great knowledge and the ability to care about and coach for positive results. Bob is more than a "super-cyber-coach", he a caring person who knows how to coach individuals who want to improve their health and performance. I would highly recommend Bob Mittleman for Coaching.

Gary S.

Kansas City, Kansas

Thanks so much! I was very happy with my goal was 2:30 for my 1st half-marathon, so when I finished in 2:18 it was unreal!! I felt great & ran strong the whole time. I didn't stop for the bathroom at all & only for quick sips of water. The miles just kept coming up & flying by so fast, each mile marker I hit, I couldn't believe I was there was weird!! And when I realized how well I was doing, it made me run even harder. Anyway, it was such a great experience & an awesome feeling of accomplishment, thank you so much for putting me on the right track, & giving me the confidence to do this thing right!!!

Suzy Volkman

New York City, New York

I was introduced to Bob Mittleman by a mutual friend in the spring of 2013. I had run nine (9) marathons steadily improving on my times for the first six (6). However, on the last three (3) my times were not improving. I realized I needed a new approach to my training. After consulting with Bob, he felt that I needed an overhaul in my marathon preparation. He incorporated more upper body and core conditioning.  He also introduced me to .tempo and Heart rate based training.


Over the course of the next several months, I ran less miles in training but introduced more speed work and hill training as outlined by Bob, through his coaching programs.  He utilized the Training Peaks website to communicate the workouts to me.  It worked really well.


Coupled with the upper body and core exercises, I found myself getting stronger each week.  The culmination of this new training style resulted in a 10k P/R by almost 3 minutes and a P/R in the New York City Marathon several weeks later.


I would recommend Bob as a coach.  He can customize a program to help anyone who feels they have maxed out their potential.  The Training Peaks platform is an extra benefit as well.


There is always more in the tank and Bob can help you find it

Chuck Merritt

Burlington, Vermont

Bob Mittleman help me beyond my wildest dreams.  I started running at age 64 at a pace of  13:00 to 14:00 minute pace.  My goal was to break 12 minutes. 


Jokingly, Bob rolled his eyes at me when I first suggested this.  With that, he was able to get me there with his guidance and coaching.


He constantly watched my workouts to make sure he was not pushing me to hard as well as providing well informed guidance.


At age 65, I ran my first Triathlon and with the help of Bob I was able to consequently run below 12:00 pace.   It was an awesome experience.


I highly recommend Bob Mittleman to be a coach, he is patient, informed and inspiring!


Harvey Kolin

Babylon, New York

I just wanted to thank you for your coaching to help me achieve a life goal of running a marathon. Last fall, I ran the Westchester Marathon, my first marathon ever. It seemed like such an unrealistic goal, but by working with you for 10 weeks, and following your plans, the goal became much clearer and easy to visualize. When I crossed the finish line, it was a very emotional experience for me because I had achieved something that I had really wanted to do since high school. Now, I look forward to working together to improve my marathon PR. Thanks again!

Eliana Feldstein

Hartford, Connecticut

Words can’t express how amazed I am at what I have been able to accomplish since working with Coach Mittleman. I went from despising running to completing my first half marathon in January of 2013. Next stop was the New York City Marathon where I finished the race and was able to talk about it. Wow!!! Thank you.

Keith Striga

Huntington, New York

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