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  • Bob Mittleman

The Dreaded Annual Turkey Trot

Gobble. Gobble. Gobble.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It’s one of the best holiday traditions we have as a country. It’s all about family and friends. For the most part, everyone is in a good mood.

It’s also the annual event that as runners we either embrace or fear. I’m not talking about the argument about the post dinner walk. Or the discussion about who gets to take home the leftovers. Nope. This is all about the Turkey Trot. This annual get together that continues to grow in popularity.

In my neck of the woods, 20 years ago, there were 3 races. Now, there are over a dozen. Each loaded from the starting line to the back of the pack.

In New Hampshire, where my in-laws reside, we participated in a local race in 2002. There were 30 finishers. For 2017, they are expecting over 1,000.

These races are attracting all types of levels of runners. From the beginner to the expert. From the couch potato to the weekend warrior. It’s actually pretty cool to witness.

How you approach your turkey trot is up to you. In the end, create a goal and go for it.

My only suggestion is that you have fun and end the race with a smile. You are out there with like-minded people on a great morning on a great holiday. What can be better then that.

Gobble Gobble Gobble.

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