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  • Bob Mittleman

It's All About the Shoes

Running is such a simple sport to equip. You need running shoes and something comfortable to wear. That’s it. Sure you can add a nice watch, heart rate monitor and assorted other stuff. But in the end, the basic necessities are shoes and clothing. And with that, lots of choices in both areas. For this post, I am going to discuss shoes and what goes into choosing the right pair for you. In the end, whatever you decide to go with (in terms of shoe choice), it will come down to your preference. What works for someone else, may or may not work for you. It’s your feet and your body. Pick the shoe for you.

With so many options, its best to imagine you have already found that perfect shoe. You love it. It feels great. Fits great. Looks great. You get the picture. Now, that you have your perfect pair of running shoes, let’s imagine how we got to this point. In essence, you want to “work” backwards.

Step one is research. This will involve getting yourself to a local running store. See if you are comfortable with the employees there. Most running shoe stores will have runners for their employees to speak with customers.

Ask questions. Try on as many pairs that you want. This is a big decision you will be making.

Take the shoes out for a stroll. Some stores will have treadmills in the stores. Some will have short route outside the store. The running shoe store gets it. They know their customers and what they are looking for. This goes from the novice to the experienced runner.

If you are comfortable with the employee helping you and the store itself, you are all set. If not, then keep plugging along to another store. Again, this is a preference thing.

One more thought….look into getting a different form of support then what the shoe manufacturer has provided. How? You might want to visit a podiatrist to see if orthotics are needed. Better to know this now then later. Another idea is look into a SuperFeet. I’m not a big promoter of one item or another, however Superfeet is an awesome product. It has done wonders for my clients as well as myself. Check it out.

So, there you have it. Wanna run? You need good shoes to do so. Meaning, shoes that fit for you. That is size, foot strike and personal preference. Start off with some research and then head over to a local running store. Have fun. It’s all good.

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