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  • Bob Mittleman

Weather Adjustments: Fall Season heading into Winter

We are smack in the middle of fall. Well sort of. You see, in my family the running joke is that there is a beginning day for fall and a last day of fall. All the other days are considered the middle. With this, the fall season (perhaps my favorite of them all) comes all sorts of weather to work out in. That also means you would be wise to heed to the weather gods.

In the summer months, the weather tends to be humid and hot for most of us. That calls for weather adjustments for pacing and workouts.

In the fall, the weather will not be so humid and hot as the previous months. However, you will be dealing with weather ranging from warm to downright chilly depending on where you live and train. Last Thanksgiving, my family and I participated in a Turkey Trot in New Hampshire. The temperature at the start of the race was 5 degrees Fahrenheit. WOW!!!. That clearly was not the norm.

So, as in life when events come your way that is not expected, you make adjustments.

In training, weather can be one of the biggest you need to deal with.

I coach winter track at a local high school. Every pre-season meeting, I inform the student athletes to be properly dressed for practices. The weather can turn in an instance. One day it will be pleasant out. The next day can be the complete opposite. And inevitably, every early season practice, a handful of runners will be without the necessary attire to complete or even participate in a workout.

My request for you, is don’t be one of those people.

At a minimum, look to have:

--Running Gloves.

--Running Hat: Could be a baseball style hat or a hat that covers your complete head and ears.

--Long Sleeve Running Top: sometimes having a short sleeve under the top is a good idea too.

If it's really chilly out, having running pants are a great idea as well as a running jacket.

If you are running during nightfall or dusk, wear a reflector vest. Very important to remember this.

Simple ideas to share with you. However, you would be surprised at how many don’t adhere to any of the above.

Lastly, on the days that are more on the breezy side the normal…. Do your best to have the wind at your back on the 2nd half of your run. It will make for a more pleasant experience.

Have fun!!!

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